Beyond the Costumes: Dinosaurs Unveiled at Automate 2023

Seven women in engineering and manufacturing embrace visibility to encourage opportunities for all.

DETROIT, MI – Attendees at Automate 2023 witnessed an extraordinary spectacle that brought awareness to the amazing women in the sector.

Seven women walked the show floor in dinosaur costumes to stomp out stereotypes that have long plagued the engineering and manufacturing industries. Alicia Gilpin (Automation Ladies), Any Wyatt (Ann Wyatt Recruiting), Courtney Fernandez (United Robotics Group), Emily Wilkins (Marketing Metal), Meaghan Ziemba (Mavens of Manufacturing and Industrial Strength Marketing), Nikki Gonzales (Automation Ladies), and Sami Birch (Mission Design Technologies) have a mission to encourage individuals from all background to pursue careers in these fields.

“We want to bring awareness to the amazing opportunities within this sector that women and future generations can pursue as career pathways,” explains Meaghan Ziemba, owner and founder of Mavens of Manufacturing and content creator for Industrial Strength Marketing. “We want everyone to know that we have fun here, and we’re a giant force behind the successes and accomplishments of engineering and manufacturing.”

“We’re united here today to highlight the importance of recruiting young women into the manufacturing sector and in order to do that, we need to change the narrative about how the manufacturing sector is perceived. The future of manufacturing careers will be far from repetitive and dull,” says Ann Wyatt, host of Industry 4.0 and president and owner of Ann Wyatt Recruiting. “We need to encourage the next generation of the American workforce to embrace their creativity and innovation, and we want and need women to be part of that dynamic future. We’re hoping this campaign will inspire more young women to know that we are an industry of diversity, passion, collaboration, and excitement.”

By embracing visibility and sharing their stories, these women aim to break down barriers and foster an inclusive environment that values and promotes diversity, while at the same time, get younger generations excited about the career opportunities available within engineering, manufacturing, and the trades.

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