Why Hands-On and Project-Based Learning is the Best Kind of Learning

Manufacturing is facing a skills gap. This is not new knowledge for those of us in the sector. We’ve all seen or heard about Deloitte’s report that predicts 4.6 million job openings will be available from 2018-2028, and only 2.2 million of those openings will be filled. At the same time, the skills gap continues to expand

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Why Mentorship Matters with Marti Konstant (E024)

In this episode, Meaghan Ziemba speaks with Marti Konstant, author and international keynote speaker on workforce and career agility. They discuss the importance of mentorships, specifically for recruiting the next generation of manufacturers and engineers. As a top career influencer, Marti researches, writes, and trains on the topics of workforce and career agility, providing speaking

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Chemical Vapor Deposition Coatings with Lisa Rizzo (E019)

In this episode of Mavens of Manufacturing, Meaghan Ziemba speaks with Lisa Rizzo, director of product management at HZO, Inc. on the following: • What chemical vapor deposition is and how it fits within the future of electronics • Other emerging applications that require some of the nano coatings that HZO provides • Ideas or

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